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Eve and the Garden of Eden

Course Length: 6 months

Course Registration and Payment Deadline: October 1st

Course Commencement: October 1st

Monthly Fee: $60 per month for 6 months ($360)

NOTE: Kits will be sent in the USA via Priority Mail and shipping is included. International kits will be shipped via first class mail, included in fee. If Priority Mail International is desired, a shipping supplement is needed.

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During the 17th century, it became vogue to cover a valuable psalm book, bible or other devotional with an embroidered cover. They were equally made by an individual for their own use or by professional embroiderers by special order. Many featured liberal use of gold threads and other valuable embellishments such as small freshwater pearls. Often they featured coats of arms, personal devices or religious iconography in their design. I have been fascinated by the materials used on these jewel-like bindings for years.

This project, a small box (about 6" x 4") which is a faux binding, is intended to be an interpretation which brings a few new materials back into use. The top 'cover' can be folded back to place objects in the 'book'. What you hide in your box is up to you, but using it as an etui for your needlework tools would be one idea.

The front and back designs contain a cartouche which shows Adam and Eve surrounding the apple tree being tempted by the serpent. Around the cartouche, the flora and fauna of the Garden of Eden wind around the faux binding. The majority of the embroidery is worked in counted tent stitch in silk, with accents in gold and silver threads. The class will focus on the use of a variety of speciality reproduction threads from the 17th century which will comprise the relief elements of the design including the cartoosh and its interior. Threads such as silk gimp and crenelated gold plate as well as a variety of gold purls and silk purls will be couched down on the counted work providing a rich look to the 'binding'. The project is designed to be good introduction to gold threads for the uninitiated while having new materials to work with for those who are advanced.

Size: 6" x 4"

Kit Contents:
The kit contains linen, silk threads (Soie d'Alger, Soie Ovale, Silk Gimp, and Silk Purl), gold threads for stitching background, all gold threads for embroidery, woven gilt tape, silk fabrics (similar to shown) and finishing materials. The materials will be delivered in two kits, the first send closely after the course starts.