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A Glittering Gentleman's Nightcap

Course Length: 6 months

Course Registration and Payment Deadline: TBD

Course Commencement: TBD

Monthly Fee: TBD

Course Enrollment Information coming soon...

Details: This sweet piece is a miniature nightcap from the Stuart Era about 5" tall. The life-sized versions of these pieces were often worked in professional workshops and could be bought at the Royal Exchange. This miniature example is worked in coiling stems using a variety of stitches such as detached buttonhole, trellis, and spiral trellis plus reverse chain for the gold stem. The main flowers are all worked in gilt sylke twist with the supporting elements worked in soie gobelin. The nightcap lifts off of its base and reveals an etui tower that holds needlework tools.

Size: Approx. 5" tall

Kit Contents: 40ct. Linen, soie gobelin threads, seven tubes of Gilt Sylke Twist, #371 gold thread, needles, and finishing materials. Finishing silk will not be the one shown on model but will be of similar silk brocade in a color that coordinates with the cap's silk threads.