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A Pansy Casket Toy

At least a half dozen embroidered cabinets are known to have small posies inside built out of silk braids and wire. The braids are slipstitched together at their edges in patterns to make petals while wires are wrapped with silk floss to make stems that can be attached to the braid petals. My reproduction lacets are made just for this purpose and come in many colors. This project was designed to be used with the lacets that come in the Frostings Club Session 1, Kit 1.

Try these instructions to make your own pansy to place in a drawer of your casket - or use the instruction to inspire you to make a whole bouquet of flowers to display in a small bud vase.

To celebrate the first Frostings Club Session, a contest to invent new uses for the braids will be announced here. To purchase a Frostings Club membership, go to this page.

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