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My husband and I enjoy travel, each indulging each other in our interests. While he may think that his is a grand tour of scenic spots, he is always surprised to find that there is a 'point of interest for an embroiderer' nearby. I am listing the places we have visited with a few comments on each so you will not miss any special spot on your own travels. There are some listed for which I have not had the opportunity to visit, but which are on my 'see it next time I pass through' list. Many of the museums are privately owned and can close or move so please do some web research or call before you go to avoid any disappointment. I recently forgot to check on a folk museum in Austria and got there only to find it closed for a year of renovations. I was out of sorts all day and had to drown my sorrows in a nearby store featuring hand ink-blocked silk scarves! Of course, if you know of any places I have not listed, I would love to know.

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