Size: 4-1/2 inch

Stitching/Finishing Kit
$17.00 Kit


This slipper is an exploration in blackwork as sometimes practiced in the early 17th century. The contrast of a black outline against the gold stitch was a typical scheme and highlights the gold thread perfectly. On this scrolling design, the black silk line is stitched in split stitch and the gilt thread is worked in reverse chain on a linen background.

The finishing of the slippers is straightforward when following pictures. I have a set of instructions for finishing a different slipper, The German Folk Slipper, on the website. The PDF for that project is shown above. Follow the directions step by step and substitute the embroidered linens and silk finishing fabric for those shown in the German Folk Slipper.

The kit contains the linen, black silk thread, gilt thread, anchor floss, finishing silk fabric, and die cut skirtex, card, and batt to finish the slipper perfectly!

Instructions for this Needlework Nibble are also available in the Web Projects section of the website.