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What is on your CD ROM?
The same power point presentation that I use during class is placed on the CD ROM. Sometimes I may use pictures of historical pieces, this information is removed as I do not have permission to distribute the photographs by the institutions who own them. The power point slides show the embroidery in process and finishing in process. As I work the embroidery, I have a digital camera next to me and I take highly magnified pictures to show specific details in the working to help clarify the techniques. This follows for all of the steps of the finishing. Click here to see an example of the slides in a project CD ROM.

Click here for an example PowerPoint presentation

I don't have Power Point on my computer, can I still use your CD ROM?
There are a few ways you can read the presentations. (1) find a friend who has PowerPoint on their computer and have them open it for you and print any that you really want. (2) Kinkos can open and print the presentation for you. (3) Microsoft offers a Power Point reader you can download and use to read the presentation. It is at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/126492

How should I print the Power Point?
You can print the slides 3 to a page and still see the information well enough to use. This saves a lot of ink and paper.

What do you mean by the fabric coming outlined and traced?
If the project combines both counted thread work (such as tent stitch or cross stitch) and free-form embroidery that doesn't follow the grid of the fabric, I will often do some preparations for you to allow us to focus on the techniques in class. My kit packer will stitch a counted outline on the fabric (which is marked on your project graph) in a blue sewing thread. This is the limits of the counted work. She then puts it over a light table and traces the outline of the embroidery on to the linen with either pencil or Pigma ink pen. Often the fabric is mounted onto a scroll frame which comes with the kit. Check the kit contents for this description.

Why do you provide full tubes of thread in some kits?
There is a delicate balance between including full skeins or tubes and splitting up the fibers to just enough needed for each project. I try to balance several factors in this decision. Often the labor costs to spit the skeins is close to the cost of the extra fiber. Sometimes the fiber does not allow easy of splitting without potential for tangled mess, wasting fiber in your kit. But most importantly, the limited market for high-end embroidery supplies has resulted in an endangered condition for many of the fine materials manufacturers. So a $10 premium on your kit can make a world of difference in keeping these companies in business and there for us in the future.

Can my group schedule a teaching date?
At the moment I am committed to my online teaching schedule and a few events with museums and am not currently taking teaching commitments In rare cases I can take lecture arrangements. As I have two school children and own two other businesses (Tokens and Trifles by Redefined, Inc. and an engineering consulting firm) my time is very limited. My husband is also a high-tech business owner and must travel extensively. So while I want to take all offers, I can only take those that fit in with my schedule and family needs. I apologize in advance for those opportunities I can't take advantage of.