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Needlework Nibbles are small projects designed to let you try a new material that is hard to find or new technique. The new materials are usually one that I have imported or had made to my specifications to allow us to do a type of needlework not practiced very much anymore. Often, these materials may be in short supply or packaged such that they are expensive. The 'Nibble' allows the stitcher to try the material/technique out before committing to a larger investment.

The nature of the materials for Needlework Nibbles makes the kits very limited in nature. Often the run of kits will be between 30-100 kits, depending on material availability.

The instructions for Needlework Nibbles are available in the Web Projects part of the Thistle Threads website. Announcements of new limited time Needlework Nibbles are made in the monthly Thistle Threads Newsletters.
June 2009

Strawberry Gobelin Fob
July 2009

Pink Silk Purl Bug
July 2009

Rainbow Silk Purl Bug
September 2009

Gilded Grapes
December 2010

Glittering Snail
June 2011

Tulip Slip
September 2012

Butterfly Pinpad

May 2013

Lady Catherine's Slipper

August 2013

Beaded Basket for
Casket Kit

Middlesex Tree Family Record Needlebook